Murals:   Statehood - 2009
              Seaward Bound - collaboration with Liza McElroy - 
              Friendship Across Water - 2013

Along with the humpback whales, I first migrated to Alaska from Arizona in 2004 to work as a sea kayak guide in Seward. For several years I split my time between these two environmental extremes of desert and rainforest while finishing a Masters in Art Education, following a BA in art history, creative writing, and studio art from the University of Arizona. I had my first solo art show, Desert, Sea and Sky, at Resurrect Art in June, 2008. This mixed media collection of pastel and watercolor pieces painted on hand-dyed paper combined images from my two homes, cacti and crabs alike. My current artwork is a blend of painting, drawing and printmaking focused on place. Curiosity, wonder, and love for wild and remote places inspires my creative work. If I'm not indoors making art about it, I'm outdoors setting up a tent and living in it.

In addition to art making, teaching art to youth and community groups is an important part of my work. I have taught art in a variety of settings, including high school, college, and museums, and find helping others along their artistic journeys as joyful as walking through my own. The Alaska  Statehood Mural is the realization of a personal dream to create public artwork and I look forward to future community projects!