Postcards of the Past - a collaboration with JeannieShirk - 1999 
The Dawn of Aviation - a collaboration with TIM Sczawinski -2001 & 2005
Raven, the Creator, Trilogy:  
                  Fog Woman - 1997
                  Raven Releases the Sun, Moon and Stars - 1996
                  Raven, the Creator - 1996
Welcome to Seward I and II - 2003, 2004

Jennifer Headtke, a Seward resident since 1987, is a lifelong art enthusiast and founding member of the Seward Mural Society (SMS). A self-taught artist, Ms. Headtke enjoys a wide spectrum of creative pursuits including murals, watercolor, aquamedia, life drawing, and making jewelry. In her tenure with the SMS, she has helped create murals in this small, waterfront town since 1999, either as master artist or collaborator.

Her interest in murals began when she saw a need for public art in Seward. She researched successful mural programs and gained inspiration and information at Mural-in-a-Day workshops hosted by the Lompoc Mural Society in California. Her vision of art is as a life-promoting and joyous activity that brings people of all ages together and adds to the esthetic beauty of our communities.

Jennifer and her husband Russ live on the Kenai Peninsula near the beautiful Trail River.   She is stepmother of three, and proud grandmother of four adorable grandchildren. When she isn't painting murals, Jennifer operates the Ranting Raven Bakery and Gift Shop in Seward, Alaska.