2013 -Master Artist - Justine Pechuzal

This lively mural was painted by 7 members of the Seward Mural Society who traveled to Japan to create this gift for our sister city, Obihiro.  Dozens of Obihiro citizens participated in painting the mural creating a wonderful atmosphere of sharing between our two cities. 
The design commemorates and honors the long relationship of our sister cities.  Delegations of both students and adults have traveled between these cities since March of 1968.  The mural's animals are depicted sharing gifts of friendship, generosity and respect.

Size - 10' x 40'

Location - Obihiro, Japan - Obihiro Zoo

2012 - Master Artist - Justine Pechuzal

A smaller version of this mural was painted in Seward, by members of the full Mural Society, the previous year helping make the process in Japan run smoothly.  It also provided our town with it's own vibrant rendition.

Size - 4' x 16"

Location - East wall of Murphy's Motel on 4th Ave between C and D Streets